Shortcut settings in Starcraft 2

Build Orders


  • Create orders are your pre-determined production plans for the early stages of the game, indicating what you’ll build and when you’ll build it. This gives you a goal to aim toward and allows you to work more efficiently toward it.
  • There are far more build order choices than we could reasonably cover in a single guide, but we wanted to highlight a good beginning list for each race that you may use to get started.
  • This is another area in which you can spend some time playing against the AI to get your hotkey as well as control groups in order while also beginning the process of constructing a super-efficient and resilient economy.
  • Again, don’t become addicted to trampling on easy AI rivals in this manner, and return to actual multiplayer as soon as possible!
  • You’ll have a tremendous edge in the initial phases of the ladder climb when you commit the preferred construct to memory. In the early stages, having a plan ready will allow you to focus on honing the other talents.


Hotkeys and Control Groups


If you don’t use hotkeys, you’ll always be at a disadvantage versus anyone who does – even if (all other factors being equal) they’re a better player than you. And besides, dragging your mouse and then selecting takes time when switching between many UI elements. What a relief it would be if you could simply press a button and be whisked away to your desired unit or structure!


Fortunately, StarCraft 2 has a very flexible mechanism for allocating hotkeys on the fly, and you will be strongly urged to do so straight away. As a result, you’ll be less likely to develop undesirable habits and the time between decisions will be shorter.




When you look at the StarCraft 2 interface, you’ll see that each troop and structure has its hotkey. You would memorize each of these and then get into the habit of selecting and then executing your desired production with them alone (no mouse!). It will allow you to make the most of your resources by not wasting time staring at the keyboard or bringing unneeded and time-consuming mouse motions into the manufacturing process.


The F5-8 keys can also be used to assign location-based hotkeys, though this is less exact and effective. When you’re at a spot you want to remember, simply hold down Control and press one of the accessible F keys. You’ll be able to touch on the key even when you’re not looking and it will whizz back into view, in this manner.


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